How secure is business WiFi?


How secure is business WiFi?

Business WiFi security is inherently weaker than the security of wired networks. Strong business WiFi security requires organizations to implement a variety of security measures to protect against unauthorized access and hacking. These may include:

  • Developing clearly defined security policies that govern access.

  • Performing regular security audits and penetration testing.

  • Requiring strong authentication and password controls.

  • Establishing different WiFi networks for employees and guests.

  • Using WPA2 Enterprise security protocols.

  • Physically securing access points.

  • Restricting WiFi signal strength to the business footprint.

  • Implementing intrusion prevention systems and mobile device management solutions.

With the rise of wireless networking, enterprises are increasingly concerned about business WiFi security. And for good reason – WiFi networks are much easier for malicious individuals to access than wired connections.

How secure is business WiFi and what can organizations do to prevent breaches? Here’s a brief introduction to “How secure is business WiFi?” that answers these questions and others.

How secure is business WiFi?

While a business WiFi network is often the weakest link in IT infrastructure, enterprises can achieve business WiFi security by implementing specific security measures.

How secure is business WiFi vs. wired connections?

Business WiFi faces greater security challenges than wired Internet connections, as it the very nature of a WiFi network makes it easier for malicious individuals to connect to access points.

How secure is business WiFi on an open guest network?

An open, public network – like the WiFi networks enterprises provide for guests and visitors – is inherently less secure since it is available for anyone to access.

How secure is business WiFi on a private, internal network?

Security is stronger on a secure, private network like the WiFi connections that businesses reserve for employees.

How secure is business WiFi with BYOD?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend creates additional challenges for business WiFi security. Because BYOD provides no control over the devices and software that access WiFi networks, organizations cannot install or manage security measures on those devices.

How secure is business WiFi with a managed WiFi service?

Managed WiFi services – where design, installation, management and security is handle by a third-party provider -- can help to increase business WiFi security by allowing certified security professionals to implement best practices and tighter security protocols.

How secure is business WiFi with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers managed WiFi services that can improve business WiFi security, in addition to relieving IT teams of the burden of installing and managing WiFi networks. Providing seamless WiFi access throughout a property, Spectrum Enterprise Managed WiFi services help to improve performance, increase security and control costs of managing a WiFi network.