What are business Ethernet services?


What are business Ethernet services?

  • Business Ethernet service provides a wired connection among computers, printers, servers and other devices, in addition to an Internet connection.

  • Business Ethernet service may use coaxial cable, twisted pairs or fiber-optic cables to build a local-area network (LAN) or a wide-area network (WAN).

  • Business Ethernet service provides connections that are faster and more reliable than WiFi connections.

While wireless networks have gained recent prominence in business settings, business Ethernet service continues to serve as the foundation for many business networks. But what are business Ethernet services, exactly, and what benefits do they offer over wireless network services?

Here is a brief primer on “What are business Ethernet services?” that provides some answers to these questions.

What are business Ethernet services?

Business Ethernet service uses coaxial cable, twisted pairs or fiber-optic cable to connect computers, servers, printers and other devices to each other or to the Internet.

What are business Ethernet services’ benefits over wireless?

Business Ethernet service provides connectivity that is faster, more secure and more reliable than wireless networking.

What are business Ethernet services’ downside?

Business Ethernet service involves running wire to every workstation, device, office and location, which can be costlier than establishing a WiFi network. Additionally, to use a business Ethernet service, user devices must be connected via a wire to an Internet connection, while WiFi connections allow users to roam freely throughout a property.

What are business Ethernet services’ fastest speeds?

Business Ethernet service speed today may reach or exceed 10 Gbps, far faster than the speediest WiFi connections.

What are business Ethernet services for a wide-area network (WAN)?

Traditionally, business Ethernet service was restricted to a local-area network, connecting users and devices in close proximity to each other. Today, technological advances enable business Ethernet service to connect offices and users in highly disparate locations.

What are business Ethernet services with fiber-optic cable?

Fiber-optic cable is transforming business Ethernet service by providing greater speed and signal clarity over longer distances. Fiber-optic business Ethernet service also delivers substantially higher bandwidth and greater reliability, as fiber cables are sturdier than copper and more resistant to fire and other environmental hazards. Additionally, fiber-optic business Ethernet service is more secure, as it is much harder to intercept signals sent over fiber than sent over copper cables.

What are business Ethernet services from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers a fiber-optic business Ethernet service that enables organizations to extend their networks across town, across the country and to the cloud. Our high-capacity business Ethernet service delivers secure and predictable wide-area network connectivity with scalable bandwidth up to or exceeding 10 Gbps. Powerful service-level agreements (SLAs) deliver guaranteed performance, while end-to-end management and real-time monitoring provide a turnkey solution that eases the IT team burden.