What are managed WiFi services?


What are managed WiFi services?

  • Managed WiFi services are wireless network services performed by a third-party vendor and may include WiFi network design, installation, management, monitoring, security, upgrades and troubleshooting.

  • Managed WiFi services have the potential to improve WiFi network performance, ensure seamless access for users, mitigate security risks and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Managed WiFi services also help to alleviate the burden on IT teams of managing a complex and quickly evolving technology.

As users in the business world become increasingly dependent on the availability of WiFi connections, more enterprises are turning to managed WiFi services to help meet the demand for high-speed service and ubiquitous access throughout an organization’s footprint.

But what are managed WiFi services, and what are their real benefit to the business? Here’s a primer on “What are managed WiFi services?” that offers a brief description.

What are managed WiFi services?

Managed WiFi services are services provided by a third-party that enable a business to outsource many aspects of creating and managing a WiFi network. Managed WiFi services may include RF surveys, network design, installation, management, monitoring, security, troubleshooting and upgrades to the network.

What are managed WiFi services designed to do?

Managed WiFi services are intended to improve the performance of WiFi networks while containing costs and enabling in-house IT teams to focus on other strategic priorities.

What are managed WiFi services advantages?

The most significant benefit of managed WiFi services is the ability to put responsibility for WiFi network performance in the hands of a team of highly experienced experts.

What are managed WiFi services disadvantages?

Managed WiFi services can represent a certain loss of control over the wireless network for in-house IT teams. Consequently, when choosing a managed WiFi services provider, it’s critical to work with a vendor that can provide IT teams with as much visibility and control as possible.

What are managed WiFi services security challenges?

As WiFi networks are accessed by ever greater numbers of users and devices, securing the network and protecting users becomes more difficult. Managed WiFi services enable these tasks to be performed by highly skilled professionals with deep experience in designing secure systems and defending against threats.

What are managed WiFi services SLAs?

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) for managed WiFi services ensure that business objectives for access, availability and bandwidth are consistently met by the third-party vendor.

What are managed WiFi services from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides Managed WiFi services that enable many of America’s largest businesses to implement and maintain wireless networks with high performance, strong security and ubiquitous access throughout the organization’s property. Powerful management tools provide IT teams with visibility and control over the network, while dedicated support teams deliver 24/7/365 care and proactive monitoring backed by local technical expertise.