What is a cloud-based solution?


What is a cloud-based solution?

  • In a cloud-based solution, a cloud computing provider offers a business on-demand applications, resources or services via the Internet.

  • A cloud-based solution enables businesses to add resources, increase capacity and acquire greater functionality without having to invest in hardware, software or IT infrastructure.

Cloud-based solutions have revolutionized the way that organizations manage IT infrastructure. But for many people, the cloud remains a slightly nebulous concept. What is a cloud-based solution, exactly, and how can it help to solve IT challenges for enterprises today? Here’s a short tutorial on “What is a cloud-based solution?” that offers some insight about these questions.

What is a cloud-based solution?

A cloud-based solution is one that provides a business with on-demand computing resources, delivered over the Internet. By sharing resources among a number of companies, a cloud-based solution can achieve economies of scale that make it more affordable than implementing, maintaining and upgrading traditional IT infrastructure.

What is a cloud-based solution’s greatest advantage?

The greatest benefit of cloud computing is the ability for a business to quickly and cost-effectively get the IT infrastructure it needs, without over- or under-provisioning.

What is a cloud-based solution’s security profile?

While many organizations feared that moving to a cloud-based solution would compromise security, many IT professionals today feel the cloud is more secure than legacy on-premise systems. Cloud-based solution providers employ a wide range of state-of-the-art security defenses to keep data and cloud solutions secure.

What is a cloud-based solution’s potential for scalability?

Scalability is one of the most attractive aspects of cloud computing. As technical requirements and business needs change, a cloud-based solution enables companies to quickly get applications and infrastructure up and running faster with greater flexibility and less maintenance.

What is a cloud-based solution’s distinguishing characteristic?

Characteristics of a cloud-based solution include:

  • Services delivered through the Internet and accessed through a Web browser.

  • The ability to quickly implement solutions, as there is no on-premise hardware or software to install and configure.

  • No need to perform maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting of IT infrastructure, freeing the IT teams to focus on other strategic initiatives.

What is a cloud-based solution’s payment model?

Most cloud providers use a pay-as-you-go model, enabling enterprises to forgo expensive capital investments in favor of predictable monthly expenses.

What is a cloud-based solution’s cost?

The cost of cloud-based solutions continues to fall as adoption rates continue to rise and competition becomes more heated.