What is a managed router?


What is a managed router?

As network technology grows more complex by the day, more enterprises are seeking to improve performance and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with a managed router and other managed network services.

But what is a managed router, exactly, and what does it offer over traditional models of infrastructure management? Here’s a brief primer that answers the question “what is a managed router?” and provides detail about the benefits of a managed router service.

A router connects multiple computers to the Internet through a single connection. The router manages the flow of data, delivering the right information to each computer on the network. Routers may also be used to connect multiple networks.

A managed router is a router that is owned and managed by a third-party.

What is a managed router service?

A managed router service enables an organization to outsource management of a router to a managed service provider. The provider will typically handle provisioning, configuration, change management and monitoring of the hardware.

What is a managed router vs. a managed switch?

Routers and switches are similar but serve different purposes. Switches create a network by connecting computers, printers and other devices, enabling them to talk to each other efficiently. Routers connect networks and devices to the Internet. A managed switch is a configurable device that offers more security, flexibility and capacity than an unmanaged switch.

What is a managed router’s benefit to an organization?

Benefits of a managed router may include:

  • Improved performance. By outsourcing router management to experts, organizations may experience fewer issues and achieve faster resolution of problems.

  • Predictable costs. Managed router service is typically provided at a predictable monthly price.

  • Little to no upfront cost. With a managed router, there are no capital costs and no upfront expenses for installation and configuration.

  • More IT resources. A managed network provider enables in-house IT professionals to focus on other priorities.

What is a managed router service provider?

A managed router service provider is typically a business offering a variety of managed network services.

Spectrum Enterprise is one of America’s leading managed service providers, providing a managed router service along with business-to-business solutions that deliver the bandwidth and support enterprises need to accelerate business. In addition to managed services, Spectrum offers enterprise-grade voice, video, data, cloud and network management services over a flexible and secure fiber-based network.