What is managed WiFi?


What is managed WiFi?

  • Managed WiFi is a business solution that enables an organization to outsource to a third-party vendor the tasks involved in designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, monitoring and/or upgrading a WiFi network.

  • Benefits of a managed WiFi solution may include improved performance, lower total cost of ownership, enhanced risk management, superior support for end-users and the ability to free IT teams to focus on other IT priorities.

“WiFi should be available everywhere and all the time.” Businesses in every industry are grappling with this new expectation voiced by employees and customers. To meet this demand, many are turning to managed WiFi solutions provided by third parties. But what is managed WiFi, and what is its real benefit to the organization? Here’s a brief introduction to “What is managed WiFi?” that answers these questions and others.

What is managed WiFi?

Managed WiFi is a wireless network solution that enables a business to outsource many or all of the tasks required to provide seamless access and strong connection to a WiFi network.

What is managed WiFi’s scope?

Managed WiFi services may encompass everything from RF surveys and network design to procuring and installing equipment and to ongoing management, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrades to the WiFi network.

What is managed WiFi designed to achieve?

Managed WiFi is designed to improve WiFi performance while minimizing cost and removing the burden from internal IT teams of having to manage a WiFi network on top of many other critical responsibilities.

What is managed WiFi’s greatest benefit

The most significant advantage of managed WiFi is that it puts the responsibility for performance, maintenance and risk management into the hands of highly experienced experts who are likely more able to meet a business’ objectives for seamless access, strong signals and cost containment.

What is managed WiFi’s most serious drawbacks?

Outsourcing management of WiFi systems may represent a loss of control for internal IT teams. Consequently, it’s important for businesses to choose a responsive managed WiFi provider with whom an IT team can easily communicate.

What is managed WiFi security?

Managed WiFi security involves implementing appropriate security controls, authenticating and tracking users and monitoring the network for potential breaches. Since it is managed by a team of professionals who are experts at protecting WiFi networks and defending against threats, security is usually stronger with a managed WiFi solution than with a solution that is managed in-house.

What is managed WiFi with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides Managed WiFi services to many of America’s largest businesses. Our solution delivers the scalability, flexibility and cost savings that businesses need, along with the ubiquitous availability and strong performances that users expect. Dedicated support teams provide 24/7 client care and proactive monitoring, while end-to-end management tools enable the business to maintain visibility and control over the WiFi network.