Why is WiFi good for business?


Why is WiFi good for business?

  • Business WiFi offers a wide range of benefits, including greater convenience and mobility for employees throughout the company, enhanced productivity, faster deployment, greater scalability, improved collaboration, support for BYOD and significant cost savings.

A growing number of enterprises today are making ubiquitous business WiFi a priority. But why is WiFi good for business, and what benefits does it offer over wired connectivity? Here’s a brief primer on “Why is WiFi good for business?” that offers a quick introduction to the subject.

Why is WiFi good for business?

Business WiFi provides a wealth of advantages to the enterprise – from cost savings and greater scalability to easier deployment and network expansion and improved productivity, collaboration and mobility.

Why is WiFi good for business in terms of convenience and collaboration?

With business WiFi, workers are no longer tethered to their workstations. Instead, they can stay connected as they roam throughout the business’ footprint, collaborating with others anywhere within the facility.

Why is WiFi good for business guests?

A business WiFi network enables enterprises to provide secure access to clients, colleagues and vendors visiting a business location.

Why is WiFi good for business in terms of BYOD?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has increased employee productivity and satisfaction, giving users more options for staying connected no matter where they roam. Business WiFi enables users to access the corporate network using their preferred device.

Why is WiFi good for business in terms of deployment and scalability?

Installing a WiFi network takes a fraction of the time required to install a wired network and to run cable connections to every workstation. Consequently, business WiFi can also allow enterprises to scale rapidly to accommodate business growth, to respond to disasters or to create temporary workspaces.

Why is WiFi good for business cost savings?

Installing wireless access points can be significantly less expensive than installing a wired network and running cable to each workstation. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a business WiFi network tends to be less than the expense of maintaining a wired network.

Why is WiFi good for business with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise, leader in fiber solutions for America’s largest businesses, offers a Managed WiFi solution that can provide seamless WiFi Internet access anywhere throughout a business property. Comprehensive management tools enable IT teams to manage bandwidth utilization and network health, while Spectrum Enterprise’s business WiFi team relieves in-house IT teams of the burden of managing the RF survey, design, installation, monitoring and upgrades of all WiFi equipment.