What is fiber TV?


What is fiber TV?

With the rise of fiber-optic technology, consumers and businesses have heard a great deal lately about offerings for fiber TV, as well as fiber Internet and fiber voice solutions.

But what is fiber TV, and how does it compare to traditional digital cable, satellite and other forms of video transmission?

What follows here is a brief introduction on “What is fiber TV?” and the benefits it offers over other technology.

So what is fiber TV, exactly?

  • Fiber TV is television delivered via fiber optic cables instead of traditional copper cables or through satellite transmission.

  • Fiber-optic cable for TV is made of hundreds or thousands of strands of glass fiber (or plastic filament for shorter distances) protected by an insulated casing.

  • Data and video signals are transmitted via pulses of infrared light rather than through electrical signals or satellite signals.

What is fiber TV’s biggest benefit?

Fiber TV offers:

  • Greater Speed. Data travels at near speed of light over fiber-optic cable, potentially delivering television signals to end-users much more quickly.

  • Higher bandwidth. Fiber TV offers much higher bandwidth as well, allowing a larger amount of data to travel much further distances without degradation.

  • Better quality. Because data is sent in a digital form and signals do not need to be translated from analog data, fiber TV provides the highest possible video definition.

  • Fewer problems. Fiber-optic networks are less likely to be interrupted or to go down during power outages. And fiber cables do not use an electrical signal, they are immune to interference that could be caused by electrical equipment or high-voltage power lines nearby.

What is fiber TV’s biggest drawback?

Fiber-optic networks and fiber TV offerings are not as prevalent as traditional cable TV technology. In some places, fiber TV may not be available or it may be more costly to access.

What is a fiber TV provider?

A fiber TV provider is a company that provides television programming over fiber optic connections for consumers and businesses.

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What is fiber TV programming like with Spectrum?

Spectrum Enterprise provides a home-like viewing experience featuring as many as 100+ HD channels and 7,000 hours of free on-demand programs with an easy-to-navigate interactive program guide.