What are call analytics?


What are call analytics?

  • Call analytics within call centers involves measuring, analyzing and reporting on phone call data to optimize call center performance, improve agent effectiveness and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Call analytics may report on key performance indicators (KPIs) that include percentage of first call resolutions, average time in queue for customers, average call handle time, call volume trends and customer satisfaction.

Call analytics are playing an increasingly important role in enterprise IT as more organizations adopt call center technology to improve customer service and enhance marketing efforts. But what are call analytics exactly, and how can they help to enhance the customer experience and optimize call center performance? Here’s a quick introduction to “What are call analytics?” that provides an overview.

What are call analytics?

Call analytics are a set of performance measurement tools that enable organizations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of call centers and call center agents.

What are call analytics designed to do?

By analyzing and reporting on a wide number of key performance indicators (KPIs), call analytics are designed to help continually improve the way that calls are routed and the way that agents interact with customers.

What are call analytics benefits?

Call analytics can help to resolve customer needs and issues most effectively, improving customer loyalty and retention. Additionally, call analytics can help to boost profitability and productivity by increasing the efficiency of call handling.

What are call analytics KPIs?

Common KPIs and call analytics include:

  • Average handle time

  • Peak hour traffic

  • Call abandonment

  • Cost per call

  • Customer satisfaction

  • After call work time

  • On-hold time

  • First call resolution rate

  • Repeat calls

  • Agent utilization

  • Call completion rate

What are call analytics critical features?

Features that are crucial to any call analytics solution include call recording, call monitoring, call transcriptions, call scoring and audio mining.

What are call analytics for speech?

Speech analysis and natural language processing (NLP) can transform call center performance by automatically understanding both what agents and callers are saying and analyzing the quality of communication. For example, speech analysis can analyze the tone, vocabulary and emotion in a conversation to evaluate the customer experience and to predict the response that will best allow an agent to satisfy the customer’s needs while delivering a positive and pleasant customer experience.

What are call analytics with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers call analytics as part of Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based solution that supports call centers of all sizes. Hosted Call Center is a fully managed solution with disaster recovery services and 24/7/365 support, along with options for a wide range of call analytics, including VocalQ analytic audio mining and Agent evaluation and performance rating capabilities.