What are call center analytics?


What are call center analytics?

  • Call center analytics are a collection of tools that enable organizations to improve the performance of call centers, to increase agent productivity, to enhance the customer experience, to resolve issues more efficiently and to increase overall effectiveness in achieving call center objectives.

As more organizations turn to call centers to improve customer service and/or increase sales, call center analytics have become a critical part of IT technology. But what are call center analytics, exactly, and how do they help organizations more effectively achieve call center objectives? Here’s a short primer on quote “What are call center analytics?” that seeks to answer these questions.

What are call center analytics?

Call center analytics are a set of tools that help call center managers to measure overall call center performance as well as the performance of individual agents. Call center analytics can also evaluate the customer experience during a call and guide agents through interactions that will help to ensure both the best outcome and the optimal customer experience.

What are call center analytics intended to achieve?

Ultimately, call center analytics are intended to make call centers function as efficiently and as effectively as possible. A call center is a significant investment in cost and staff resources – call center analytics can help to ensure the highest return on that investment.

What are call center analytics for performance measurement?

Call center analytics can measure performance of agents on a variety of criteria or KPIs to help improve efficiency. Common KPIs include average handle time, average time in queue, first call resolution percentage, service level (percentage of calls answered within a specific number of seconds), average abandonment rate and customer satisfaction.

What are call center analytics for cross channel data?

Cross channel analytics gleans insight from all of the channels that customers use to interact with an organization, including calls, email, chat, social media, mobile apps and other sources.

What are call center analytics with Spectrum Enterprise?

As one of America’s leading providers of fiber solutions for voice, video, Internet access and cloud services, Spectrum Enterprise provides advanced call center analytics as part of Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based solution that provides intelligent call routing, advanced call control, supervisor monitoring, real-time tracking and call center reporting, recording and analytics, including VOCALQ audio mining.