What are hosted voice services?


What are hosted voice services?

  • Hosted voice services are a cloud-based solution for business telephony where an organization’s telephone PBX system is located off-site and hosted by a managed service provider.

  • Hosted voice services provide telephone connections via the Internet and Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Hosted voice services have become a popular alternative to on-premises PBX systems, helping enterprises to minimize the cost of managing voice technology while reducing costs and improving flexibility and reliability. But exactly what are hosted voice services, and how do they compare with traditional telephone technology? Here’s a short primer on “What are hosted voice services?” that offers an introduction to the subject.

What are hosted voice services?

Hosted voice services move the traditional PBX system – an organization’s internal telephone network that connects users with other callers inside or outside the company – from an on-premises location to an off-site data center, where it is managed by a third-party. Voice connectivity is provided through the Internet using VoIP technology.

What are hosted voice services versus non-hosted voice services?

Non-hosted voice services refers to telephone technology that remains on business premises and within the control of in-house IT administrators.

What are hosted voice services’ advantages?

The biggest benefit of hosted voice services is that they can scale quickly and easily to meet business requirements. Companies can add or remove telephony resources as needed, paying only for the services they require and eliminating the risk of investing in more telephony technology than they need.

What are hosted voice services’ limitations?

Hosted voice services may not provide as much possibility for customization as telephone technology that resides on premises and that is managed by in-house staff. Hosted voice services may also be more difficult to integrate with other IT solutions.

What are hosted voice services’ role in Unified Communications?

Hosted voice services can enable Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), providing collaboration and productivity tools that include audio, web and videoconferencing as well as desktop sharing, mobility features, presence, instant messaging and more.

What are hosted voice services financial benefits?

With hosted voice services, companies can avoid upfront capital investment in telephony technology that may need to be upgraded or may become obsolete within a few years. Rather than bearing the responsibility and expense for purchasing, maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading telephone systems on-premises, hosted voice services shift these tasks and costs to a third-party provider, leaving the company with a predictable monthly expense for telephony services.

What are hosted voice services from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers Hosted Voice services as part of a comprehensive suite of fiber solutions for America’s largest businesses. Hosted Voice is a fully scalable, pay-as-you-go solution for enterprise telephony, delivered over a dedicated and secure data connection on Spectrum Enterprise’s privately owned fiber network.