What is a SIP phone line?


What is a SIP phone line?

  • A SIP phone line uses the Session Initiation Protocol and VoIP to deliver voice calls via the Internet.

  • A SIP phone line uses a virtual connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and can also enable videoconferencing, SMS messages and other data communications signals to be transmitted over the same phone line.

Many enterprises today are adopting SIP trunking solutions to improve flexibility, enhance productivity and reduce the cost of telephony. But what is a SIP phone line, and what benefits does it offer an organization over other types of voice solutions? Here’s a short primer on “What is a SIP phone line?” that offers an overview of this technology.

What is a SIP phone line?

A SIP phone line delivers voice calls via the Internet. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, a set of technical standards that support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls by initiating and terminating real-time sessions between two phones using a virtual connection and transmitting VoIP calls as data over an Ethernet or fiber connection. As such, a SIP phone line can also support videoconferencing, SMS messages, data transitions and other elements of Unified Communications.

What is a SIP phone line vs. a PRI phone line?

While a SIP phone line provides a virtual connection to the Public Switch Telephone Network by sending voice calls as data, a PRI phone line provides a physical connection that sends electrical signals over copper wire. Each PRI phone line can handle 23 calls simultaneously, while a SIP phone line can handle calls in any number of increments.

What is a SIP phone line’s greatest benefit?

Scalability and affordability are the greatest advantages of a SIP phone line. As business and telephony needs grow, companies can simply add more SIP call paths, deploying additional call paths within hours or days at the most.

What is a SIP phone line’s biggest disadvantage?

Because SIP is a network technology, it is subject to network interference, packet loss and jitter which may impact call quality and availability.

What is a SIP phone line’s cost?

Because a SIP phone line requires little to no hardware, it can be as much as 30 to 40% less expensive than a PRI phone system. Additionally, SIP trunks can be added or removed as needed, enabling businesses to pay only for the services they need.

What is a SIP phone line’s reliability?

During a natural disaster, a SIP phone line can reroute calls from one office or call center to another, or provide mobile failover to deliver voice calls to mobile phones.

What is a SIP phone line with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise, a leading provider of fiber solutions for America’s enterprises, offers a hosted SIP phone solution as part of its Voice solutions. This fully managed cloud-based solution provides advanced Unified Communications in a package that can be customized to serve specific needs. Calls are routed over a dedicated and secure data connection on Spectrum Enterprise’s privately-owned fiber network with full redundancy to improve reliability. With flexible, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go features, SIP is ideal for any budget.