What is call monitoring?


What is call monitoring?

As call centers continue to be an essential component of sales, service and support for businesses in every industry, call monitoring has become critical to ensuring the quality of conversations between employee representatives and callers. Anyone who has ever placed a call to a large organization has likely heard the automated message: “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

But what is call monitoring exactly, and what can it help an organization accomplish? Here is a brief FAQ on “what is call monitoring?” and its benefits to the business.

Call monitoring is the practice of listening to phone conversations between customers and call center representatives, sales people, marketing associates and other employees for the purpose of call center quality assurance.

What is call monitoring intended to accomplish?

Call monitoring enables call center managers to evaluate and improve the performance of agents, departments and call center operations.

What is call monitoring technology?

Call monitoring technology is the software that enables managers to listen to and evaluate live or recorded calls. Superior call monitoring technology should be integrated with solutions for call center analytics, audio mining and other leading-edge call center technology.

What is call monitoring’s greatest benefit?

When call monitoring is successful, call center managers can more easily identify problems, ensure quality standards are being met, and work to improve the customer experience in interaction with representatives of the business.

What is call monitoring software’s most important feature?

Effective call monitoring technology provides tools for call analytics and call scoring to help managers to evaluate the success and efficiency of calls and agent performance. Call scoring typically involves questions and measurements that are in line with key performance indicators (KPIs), external benchmarking and company expectation for quality of service.

What is call monitoring from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based solutions for high definition (HD) voice, video, data, network, cloud and managed services to many of America’s largest businesses. Our Hosted Call Center solution is a cloud-based technology designed to meet the needs of everything from informal operations to highly complex call center environments. Call monitoring functions are available as part of a supervisor feature pack, which enables supervisors to monitor and report on agent or queued activities. Call monitoring capabilities include:

  • Monitoring and management of agents.

  • Silent call and real-time call monitoring.

  • Viewing and changing call distribution states.

  • Joining an agent on a call.

  • Monitoring real-time queued activity.

  • Producing automated email and web-based reports of real-time and historical data.