What is call scoring?


What is call scoring?

  • Call scoring is a practice for measuring the performance of call center agents by evaluating their interactions with customers and/or leads against a set of performance standards.

  • Call scoring can help to improve agent performance, address specific deficits or weaknesses during calls, track agent progress and enhance customer satisfaction.

Call scoring plays a significant role in helping call centers to be more efficient and productive. But exactly what is call scoring, and what benefits does it offer an organization? Here’s a short primer on “what is call scoring?” that provides some answers.

What is call scoring?

Call scoring is a method for evaluating performance of call center agents as they interact with customers. Call scoring typically relies on call recording technology to capture call data that can be manually or automatically analyzed and scored against a set of metrics or key performance indicators.

What is call scoring designed to do?

Call scoring is intended to help improve the performance of call center agents in terms of their efficiency in handling calls and their effectiveness at resolving customer issues or converting sales.

What is call scoring’s benefits for organizations?

Call scoring may enable an organization to:

  • Reduce costs by helping agents to handle calls more efficiently.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention by helping agents to resolve issues more quickly.

  • Improve agent performance through continual evaluation and tracking of progress.

  • Enhance training of call center agents.

  • Minimize compliance risks and improve customer privacy.

What is call scoring technology?

Call scoring typically requires call monitoring and recording technology as well as call analytics and reporting software, including dashboards for monitoring metrics.

What is call scoring automation?

Call scoring automation using speech recognition technology to analyze conversations between agents and callers and score them based on predetermined criteria. Call center automation can evaluate calls to detect adherence to a script, use of profanity or unsanctioned language, comments by customers about competitors, positive and negative customer comments and more.

What is a call scoring KPI?

Typical call scoring KPIs include:

  • Whether the agent appropriately identified themselves and adhered to a greeting script.

  • Whether the agent verified the customer’s account.

  • Whether the agent verified contact information.

  • How well the agent exhibited problem-solving abilities to address the caller’s need.

  • Whether the agent used appropriate call handling skills.

  • Whether the agent used appropriate call center etiquette.

  • Whether the agent adhered to customer service quality standards.

  • Whether the agent closed the call correctly.

  • Whether the agent performed adequate follow-up tasks.

What is call scoring with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers a fully managed call center solution in Hosted Call Center. This cloud-based offering provides tools for call centers of every size and includes a variety of feature packs offering call recording technology, call analytics and audio mining technology that can help to manage and streamline call scoring activities.