What is enterprise voice?


What is enterprise voice?

  • Enterprise voice is a variety of technologies that enables employees to communicate with colleagues, partners and customers via voice/speech, rather than through written or visual communication.

  • Enterprise voice technology may include everything from the traditional desktop telephone to soft phones that enable phone calls to be made from computers over the Internet, as well as audio conferencing, virtual collaboration technology, and “find me/follow me” capabilities that deliver phone calls to the most convenient user device.

While email has become the central form of corporate communication, enterprise voice technology is still critical to connecting workers with colleagues, customers and partners around the world. But exactly what is enterprise voice – especially at a time when the lines between communication and collaboration technology continue to be blurred?

Here’s a short primer on “What is enterprise voice?” that provides some detail.

What is enterprise voice?

Enterprise voice refers to any technology that enables employees to communicate by speech with their colleagues, customers and partners. Enterprise voice systems range from traditional PRI systems which connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), to SIP and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that provide telephone connections via the Internet.

What is enterprise voice designed to do?

Enterprise voice technology is increasingly designed to enable users to communicate by voice more easily, quickly and effectively. Technologies like three-way calling and audio conferencing make it easier to hold impromptu meetings over the phone, while find me/follow me technology allows calls to be routed to desktop phones, mobile phones, soft phones or any device that the user chooses.

What is enterprise voice with unified communications?

Unified Communications refers to technologies and features that allow users to communicate and collaborate more easily. These include audio, web and videoconferencing; fixed-mobile convergence; desktop sharing; interactive whiteboards; unified messaging with integrated voicemail, email, SMS and fax; instant messaging; presence; and more.

What is enterprise voice with SIP trunking?

Enterprise voice solutions with SIP trunking use VoIP technology to deliver voice and other communications services over the Internet. Enterprise voice with SIP trunking has the potential to provide more flexible communications options while reducing costs.

What is enterprise voice with PRI trunking?

Enterprise voice with PRI trunking is the long-time standard in business telephony. PRI trunks connect businesses via a digital network to the telephone network and may be the best option for clients with older Time Division Multiplexers (TDM) PBXs.

What is enterprise voice from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides enterprise voice technology as part of a suite of fiber solutions for Internet, voice and video. Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice is a fully managed cloud-based solution with unified communications capabilities for seamless connection to the office from anywhere, maximizing the productivity of a mobile and remote workforce.