What is high definition (HD) voice?


What is high definition (HD) voice?

  • High definition (HD) voice, also known as wideband voice, is an audio technology that transmits audio over a wider range of frequencies with a higher sampling rate to provide greater clarity in voice transmissions.

High definition (HD) voice technology has been transforming telephone audio quality over the last decade. But what is high definition (HD) voice, exactly, and how does it improve call quality in a variety of telephony technologies? Here’s a brief primer on “What is high definition (HD) voice?” that offers an overview.

What is high definition (HD) voice?

High definition (HD) voice is a wideband audio technology that provides greater call quality by transmitting voice signals over a wider range of frequencies and doubling the sampling rate.

What is high definition (HD) voice frequency?

High definition (HD) voice services transmit at a range of 50 Hz to 7000 Hz (7 kHz) or higher. Standard telephone technology limits call frequencies to 300 Hz and 3400 Hz (3.4 kHz), or less than half the range of a high definition (HD) voice call. Thus, high definition technology transmits at ranges that are closer to the range of the human voice, which is between 75 Hz and 14,000 Hz (14 kHz).

What is high definition (HD) voice’s sample rate?

High definition (HD) voice’s doubles the audio sampling rate of a standard call. Rather than using 8,000 audio samples per second, HD voice takes in 16,000 samples, enabling listeners to hear more details of a speaker’s voice.

What is high definition (HD) voice’s greatest benefit?

The most significant advantage of high definition (HD) voice is greater call clarity, providing a clearer overall sound quality and making it easier to recognize voices, distinguish between confusing sounds and understand speakers with accents.

What is high definition (HD) voice vs. standard voice?

The traditional telephone network is based on narrowband audio that uses a smaller sampling rate and a narrower range of frequencies to transmit sound. Consequently, a lot of sound information is eliminated on the low and high ends of the frequency range.

What is high definition (HD) voice for conference calls?

High definition (HD) voice is especially useful for conference calls where multiple speakers are talking and background noise can create interference. With HD voice, conference calls are clearer and crisper, and speakers are more recognizable while superfluous noise is eliminated.

What is high definition (HD) voice with Spectrum Enterprise?

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