What is hosted call center?


What is hosted call center?

  • A hosted call center is a cloud-based service where the technology for operating a call center resides in an off-site data center and is managed by a third-party provider.

  • Benefits of a hosted call center include pay-as-you-go pricing, the ability to avoid capital investment, fast scalability, ability to accommodate remote call center representatives and less burden on IT teams.

As more organizations adopt call center technology to boost sales and improve customer service, the hosted call center has become a popular alternative to the on-premises call center. But What is hosted call center technology exactly, and what benefits does it offer over other options? Here’s a short download on “What is hosted call center technology?” that provides some answers.

What is hosted call center technology?

A hosted call center is a service where the typical technology and infrastructure required to operate a call center is managed off-site by a third-party service provider. Hosted call center technology may include the private branch exchange (PBX), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software, automatic call distributor (ACD) technology, workforce management (WFM) software and more.

What is hosted call center technology designed to do?

By moving call center technology away from business premises to an off-site data center, a hosted call center system is designed to streamline management of call center operations and take the burden off of IT teams for installing, managing, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading call center hardware and software.

What is a hosted call center solution’s greatest benefit?

A hosted call center allows a third-party provider with greater expertise and state-of-the-art security to take responsibility for ensuring availability, redundancy and performance of call center technology.

What is a hosted call center system’s limitation?

The only drawback to a hosted call center may be the lack of control over the technology itself, though in-house IT teams still retain control over the way the software is used and configured.

What is a hosted call center’s ability to scale?

Scaling with a hosted call center solution is much faster and easier than scaling on-premises technology.

What is a hosted call center’s cost advantages?

With a hosted call center, organizations can avoid the upfront capital expense of building out call center infrastructure, as well as the ongoing expense of maintenance and upgrades. Because hosted call center providers typically offer services to a number of clients, economies of scale allow them to provide services for less than what it would cost the company to manage their own call center technology.

What is hosted call center from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise Hosted call center is a fully managed, cloud-based solution for call centers of all sizes. Hosted call center scales easily and supports a wide range of call center functions through customizable feature packs for advanced call control, supervisor monitoring features, call center reporting in real-time tracking.