Disaster recovery planning

Disaster recovery planning is critical to network performance.

Disaster recovery planning is an essential part of business competitiveness today. Most enterprises have experienced an IT or technology outage at some point, from power outages to system hardware or software failure. A 2016 Forrester study reports that more than 50 of companies are not prepared for outages caused by natural disasters, fiber cuts or failed software and firmware upgrades. The study also shows that while more than 85 percent of IT professionals have engaged in business continuity planning, there is a strong disconnect between BCDR, operational execution and business recovery.

One key to disaster recovery planning is network diversity. That’s where superior cloud solutions can help. From geographically diverse data centers to managed or hosted services and remote access, enterprises can adopt a variety of enterprise cloud capabilities to ensure uninterrupted availability, increase network performance, and improve the customer experience while freeing up IT for other key priorities.

For enterprises searching for ways to improve disaster recovery planning, Spectrum Enterprise provides a suite of fiber technologies and cloud solutions to provide greater network diversity.

Disaster recovery planning with help from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a leading provider of scalable fiber technology and enterprise solutions that enable America’s largest businesses to successfully innovate, compete and succeed. From fiber Internet and video services to enterprise voice, cloud and network services, we enable companies to solve technological challenges, integrate critical solutions and improve profitability.

Disaster recovery planning relies on Internet access, and our Fiber Internet Access solution provides high-speed gigabit Internet connectivity with the reliability of a dedicated circuit. With thousands of fiber route miles and fiber-lit buildings nationwide and operations in 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas, our fiber network can help to provide the diversity that enterprises require for disaster recovery planning.

Additional solutions for disaster recovery planning.

In addition to fiber Internet services, we offer a range of services that can aid in disaster recovery planning:

  • Our Hosted Voice solution is a fully managed cloud-based enterprise voice service that offers advanced unified communications as well as full redundancy in the cloud to ensure reliability for disaster recovery planning.

  • Managed cloud services from Navisite, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, help to protect enterprise data and provide redundancy.

  • Managed hosting and colocation services from Navisite help to provide additional network diversity, with multiple data centers in geographically diverse locations.

  • Ethernet solutions help to easily link business locations in geographically dispersed areas for additional disaster recovery planning strategies.

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