Enterprise firewall

The challenge of enterprise firewall management.

The enterprise firewall is a critical element of enterprise security, but managing this essential technology can be a challenge for IT teams with constrained resources and competing priorities.

Firewall security is part of a multifaceted approach to protecting any enterprise. A high-level firewall can monitor inbound and outbound network traffic to identify and block suspicious activity. From external threats like hacking attempts and malware to internal threats like malicious insiders or data leaks, the enterprise firewall is highly effective at mitigating a significant number of risks and vulnerabilities.

However, managing and optimizing a firewall can be a resource-intensive task. From deploying, integrating and configuring firewall technology to monitoring traffic, performing upgrades and ensuring that the enterprise firewall is aligned with security policy, the effort of continuous firewall management can easily overwhelm an IT staff that may be struggling to keep up with other high-priority, strategic security initiatives.

Managed enterprise firewall services from Spectrum Enterprise.

As part of a suite of managed IT services, Spectrum Enterprise offers Managed Security service that include a fully managed firewall solution. Spectrum Enterprise firewall experts take care of network design, equipment installation and firewall monitoring, enabling IT teams to focus their resources elsewhere.

Managed enterprise firewall services from Spectrum Enterprise include a unified threat management (UTM) firewall as well as intrusion protection and intrusion detection services. Gateway antivirus/spyware protection helps to mitigate routine threats, while URL/web/content filtering helps to prevent against malicious websites and data leaks, both purposeful and accidental. Spectrum Enterprise’s managed enterprise firewall solution also includes:

  • Vulnerability assessments and testing
  • Demilitarized zone and network segmentation
  • Event log management
  • Application layer control
  • IP VPN
  • Advanced security reporting
  • Managed IP SEC VPN (site to site)
  • Remote and mobile VPNs (SSL)


Advantages of Spectrum Enterprises managed enterprise firewall service.

With an enterprise firewall managed by Spectrum Enterprise, IT teams can:

  • Offload routine but critical tasks to a team of firewall experts.
  • Improve security by ensuring that the firewall is continually optimized to identify and block external and internal threats.
  • Improve compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, CIJA and other regulatory mandates.
  • Enable remote security through mobile VPN and secure site-to-site connections for remote users.
  • Mitigate risks and vulnerabilities with automatic firewall updates.
  • Count on expert support and dedicated access to certified technicians and local account teams, with 24/7/365 online and phone support.


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