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Improving enterprise security with managed firewall services.

The enterprise firewall is an integral part of a multilayered strategy for ensuring enterprise security. Designed to monitor inbound and outbound network traffic and to block potentially dangerous activity, a properly configured firewall can help to intercept hackers, stop malware, block access to malicious websites, prevent purposeful and inadvertent data leaks, provide antivirus protection and enhance enterprise security in many other ways.

But for IT teams who are struggling to keep pace with the wide range of threats to enterprise security, managing firewall security can be a challenge. From ensuring proper configuration to handling upgrades and ensuring that the firewall is optimally integrated with other technology and with enterprise security policies, the routine tasks of managing a firewall can consume time and resources that IT teams would rather focus on other high-profile enterprise security initiatives.

Fortunately, Spectrum Enterprise offers a Managed Security Service that provides a turnkey firewall solution to enhance and streamline enterprise security management.

Spectrum Enterprise managed services for enterprise security.

Spectrum Enterprise provides a suite of managed IT services that include Managed Router, Managed Wi-Fi and Managed SD-WAN solutions, along with Managed Security Services that deliver a fully managed firewall service to enhance enterprise security. Spectrum Enterprise firewall specialists provide 24/7/365 support to handle all aspects of firewall management, including network design, installation, management and monitoring. With a Managed Security Service from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can offload firewall security tasks and allow IT teams to focus their resources and attention on other critical priorities.

Spectrum Enterprise Managed Security Service includes comprehensive technologies to enhance enterprise security. These include:

  • Unified threat management (UTM) firewall
  • Gateway antivirus/spyware protection
  • URL/Web/Content filtering
  • Intrusion protection service and intrusion detection service
  • Demilitarized zone and network segmentation
  • Vulnerability assessments and testing
  • Event log management
  • Application layer control
  • Remote and mobile VPNs (SSL)
  • Managed IP SEC VPN (site to site)
  • IP VPN
  • Advanced security reporting


How Spectrum Enterprise services help optimize enterprise security.

Spectrum Enterprise Managed Security Service offer significant benefits for enterprise security, including:

  • Improved protection against a wide variety of threats through optimal and reliable firewall protection, and through automatic firewall updates that help to mitigate known risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced remote security, providing remote users with the ability to connect securely through secure site-to-site and mobile VPN connections.
  • Increased compliance with federal mandates like PCI-DSS, CIJA, SOX, HIPAA and others.


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