Improve connectivity with EVPL solutions.

When you need to connect a central office with multiple branches, an Ethernet virtual private line, or EVPL, may be the answer.

EVPL establishes business Ethernet point-to-multipoint connectivity, connecting a central location to multiple branch locations with a single copper or fiber optic Ethernet cable that permits multiple virtual connections. That means, with EVPL, you only need one network interface in each facility, while those virtual connections can be extended to other cities or states over a provider’s MPLS core network.

When choosing an EVPL provider, consider the many advantages of Ethernet services, from Spectrum Enterprise.

EVPL technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides scalable, flexible fiber technology that enables enterprises to gain a competitive edge. Combining fiber solutions for business Internet, voice, video, TV and cloud, we help clients to overcome technological challenges, integrate mission-critical solutions and achieve greater business success.

Our EVPL solution provides high-speed point-to-multipoint connectivity for businesses with a central headquarters and multiple branch locations. While providing Ethernet virtual connections among three or more locations, our EVPL technology also permits multiplexing of multiple services on a single user-to-network interface at the hub or aggregation site.

With EVPL services from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can:

  • Improve security by transmitting all data within the secure domain of the Layer 2 dedicated, high-capacity point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.
  • Keep traffic separated by maintaining discrete pathways when consolidating domains that were previously separate.
  • Reduce network equipment and management costs with an EVPL service that requires only a single handoff.
  • Ensure availability and performance with a standards-based EVPL solution backed by MEF CE 2.0-certified technicians.

Beyond EVPL additional internet and ethernet services.

In addition to EVPL services, Spectrum Enterprise offers additional connectivity solutions that include:

  • Ethernet private line (EPL) – provides point-to-point Ethernet connectivity for businesses with two locations.
  • Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN), or ELAN service– delivers true multipoint connectivity for businesses that need to build a transparent WAN of their LAN architecture.
  • An Ethernet services portal that delivers easy self-service visibility and control with real-time status and performance reports.
  • Fiber Internet Access (FIA) – provides fast and dedicated Internet connectivity for data-intensive, cloud-based mission-critical applications.
  • Managed Router Service – delivers a fully managed solution for Internet and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Managed WiFi– provides a turnkey solution for designing, implementing and managing wireless access throughout a property.

Learn more about EVPL offerings from Spectrum Enterprise, or about the benefits of Ethernet vs Internet.


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