Fiber optic solutions

Increase productivity with fiber optic solutions.

Fiber optic solutions are transforming the way enterprises enable communication, promote collaboration and connect to the Internet.

Fiber-optic cable uses light to transmit data faster and with greater bandwidth than traditional copper cable. In the comparison of fiber vs cable, fiber wins on speed, bandwidth, distance and quality of signal.

For enterprises, fiber optic solutions deliver faster access to data to optimize cloud-based technology and support bandwidth-intensive applications. Fiber optic solutions help users communicate and collaborate more effectively, and enable organizations to integrate video and TV into the business in new and unique ways. Ultimately, fiber optic solutions provide enterprises with technology that can drive productivity while reducing cost and improving the user experience.

For fiber optic solutions that are backed by a national fiber network and industry-leading support, enterprises throughout the United States turn to Spectrum Enterprise.

Fiber optic solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise combines talented teams from three former companies: Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions, Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions and Time Warner Cable Business Class. Our new company is dedicated to delivering fiber optic solutions that help clients overcome the limitations of technology, integrate vital solutions and build greater business success.

Our fiber optic solutions are built on a national fiber network, wholly owned and redundant, with thousands of fiber-lit buildings and fiber route miles in 32 metropolitan areas and 41 states. Fiber services are proactively monitored by a U.S.-based dedicated enterprise NOC to verify uptime and availability. And highly competitive service-level agreements (SLAs) ensure the performance required to support mission-critical operations.

A suite of industry-leading fiber optic solutions.

Fiber optic solutions from Spectrum Enterprise include:

  • Internet access. Spectrum Enterprise provides optic fiber Internet with dedicated Internet access (enterprise DIA) with fiber Internet speed that can scale from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, and symmetrical connectivity that ensures uploads are as fast as downloads.
  • Voice solutions. We offer solutions for premises-based phone systems, including PRI and SIP interfaces, along with Hosted Voice, Hosted Call Center and Unified Communications solutions.
  • Video solutions. Our solutions for TV and video offer flexible, tailored solutions for HDTV and legacy devices.
  • Cloud services. Our managed cloud services help transform infrastructure to maximize the benefits of cloud solutions. Services include Managed Applications, Managed Hosting, Desktop-as-a-Service and Managed Multicloud Services.
  • Managed network services. These fiber-optic solutions include Managed WiFi for business, Managed Router Service, Ethernet Services and Wavelength Services for data-intensive apps and transfers.

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