Hotel PBX

Upgrade your hotel PBX to improve the guest experience

The hotel PBX is no longer the center of communications in the hospitality industry – the Internet and WiFi have long surpassed hospitality phone systems as the most important piece of hotel communications technology. But the hotel PBX remains an essential part of a hotel’s technology stack, and the right hotel phone system can help to enhance the customer experience while improving staff productivity.

Traditionally, the hotel PBX has been managed on-premises, requiring hotel IT staff to monitor, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot this technology as needed. But with the overwhelming demand for fast Internet speed and ubiquitous WiFi connectivity on hotel properties, managing a hotel PBX is now a distant third or fourth in terms of IT priorities.

That’s where Spectrum Enterprise can help. As a leading provider of fiber solutions for hospitality technology, we offer a fully managed hotel PBX solution that can reduce the burden on IT teams while improving service, cutting costs and delighting guests with innovative features.

Hosted Hotel PBX solutions from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber solutions for America’s largest businesses, including many in the hospitality industry. With a nationwide fiber network that reaches 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas, we have the fiber footprint to deliver exceptional and affordable fiber services for hotel Internet services, TV, voice and cloud.

Our solutions for the hotel PBX include:

  • Hosted Voice, a fully managed, cloud-based hotel PBX solution that lets IT teams offload management of the hotel phone system to a team of Spectrum Enterprise telephony experts. Combining best-in-class hotel room phone equipment, unified communications software and full technical support, Hosted Voice lets organizations upgrade their hotel PBX while simplifying operations and avoiding capital expense with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Unified Communications, a solution that works with Hosted Voice to deliver additional rich collaboration features to impress guests and support hotel staff.
  • Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based solution for hotel call centers of any size.


Two hotel PBX options

In addition to our hosted hotel PBX offerings, we provide interoperable and feature-rich support for fiber solutions for premise-based phone systems. These include support for

  • PRI interfaces, providing an easy-to-scale solution that can be managed with existing PRI compatible hotel PBX systems.
  • SIP interfaces, providing a solution that is compatible with over 60 IP PBX vendor makes and models.


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