Hotel TV

Compete more effectively with superior hotel TV solutions

Hotel TV technology can play a significant role in creating exceptional guest experiences that keep travelers returning year after year. The right hotel TV system can also help to ensure positive reviews (and avoid negative ones) on the travel sites that guests increasingly use to determine where they want to stay.

Today’s guests expect their hotel TV viewing experience to be just as good or better than their experience at home. For hotels, that means providing a hotel TV system that delivers lots of programming options for entertainment, sports and news with on-demand channels and crisp, high- definition pictures. That’s why, when choosing a hotel TV partner, so many hotels nationwide have turned to Spectrum Enterprise.

Fiber hotel TV services from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber solutions for TV, voice, Internet and cloud to many of America’s largest businesses. Our hospitality solutions include hotel TV services as well as hospitality voice technology, hotel Internet services and managed WiFi services.

Our hotel TV offerings are delivered over a wholly owned nationwide fiber network that ensures hotels have the speed and bandwidth they need to deliver hotel TV with the highest quality. Our flexible hotel TV solutions can be tailored for specific locations like lobbies, conference areas and restaurants, while legacy device support means that we can provide cable service to analog devices like fitness room screens and exercise equipment.

Spectrum Enterprise hotel TV services are supported by a local account team with extensive experience in hospitality TV.

Two hotel TV options

We offer two platforms for hotel TV service to better meet the needs of individual businesses.

Distributed boxes. This hotel TV system uses distributed boxes located on top or behind a TV screen to provide a home-like viewing experience. Guests can use an interactive program guide to choose from thousands of free on-demand programs and more than 100 HD channels, with the ability to fast-forward, rewind and pause live TV.

Centralized TV. This hotel TV technology connects directly to a cable wall outlet, eliminating set-top boxes and the need for hospitality IT teams to manage, repair and upgrade them. Centralized TV provides access to more than 60 HD and SD channels.

Learn more about hotel TV from Spectrum Enterprise, and about solutions that help to impress guests using hotel WiFi.


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