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Improve collaboration and productivity with hosted phone services.

In a global business economy, enterprise phone services are critical to promoting collaboration and ensuring productivity. Employees need flexible business phone solutions to stay connected with clients and colleagues, whether communicating from the office or on the road. Phone services that enable communication on any device – smart phone, desk phone, laptop or tablet – help users to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively.

The challenge: keeping up with ever-evolving technology. Premise-based phone services need continual maintenance, constant upgrades and 24/7 support, adding considerable burden to IT teams that are already stretched thin.

For organizations seeking ways to cost-effectively enhance communication and increase productivity, Spectrum Enterprise hosted phone services are the answer.

Phone services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides the nation’s largest businesses with fiber-based technology for Internet, voice, video, cloud and managed network services.

Our hosted phone solutions offer enterprises a rich portfolio of solutions to keep clients connected and employees productive. With next generation technology that delivers HD voice quality and efficient collaboration features, our phone services enable organizations to improve communication while minimizing cost and complexity.

Phone services from Spectrum Enterprise are fully managed in the cloud, combining the power of cloud computing with the convenience of a managed service. Delivered across our robust and privately owned fiber network, our phone services offer greater reliability and availability, thanks to a fully redundant facilities-based IP core infrastructure. And our team handles maintenance and upgrades, freeing client IT teams to focus on innovation and strategic projects in other areas.

Phone services to simplify management and enhance communication.

Spectrum Enterprise phone services include:

  • Hosted Voice, a fully managed and scalable solution to improve productivity and reduce cost with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Hosted Voice provides a dedicated and secure data connection along with high-definition voice equipment, leading-edge technology and automatic upgrades.

  • Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based call center solution that fits the needs of both informal call centers and highly complex call center environments. Hosted Call Center provides a fully managed solution that includes all the equipment, software and service required to maintain availability, without burdensome startup costs and ongoing maintenance requirements. Features include automatic call routing, call monitoring, call analytics and robust reporting.

  • Unified Communications, offered along with Hosted Voice, provides significant enhancements to enterprise phone services. Workers can significantly improve communication and increase collaboration with tools for desktop sharing, video calling, web collaboration, instant messaging and presence.

Spectrum Enterprise phone services also include scalable solutions that work with existing PRI compatible phone systems or with a SIP VoIP trunk, enabling organizations to enjoy all the benefits of a VoIP phone service.

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