Session Initiation Protocol

The benefits of Session Initiation Protocol trunking.

Session Initiation Protocol trunking, or SIP trunking, is quickly becoming the dominant technology for enterprise telecommunications. Delivering a host of benefits – from cost savings and expanded services to greater flexibility and access to Unified Communications solutions – Session Initiation Protocol technology is providing enterprises with new ways to communicate and to keep clients and workers connected.

What is a SIP trunk? Session Initiation Protocol trunking is a technology for voice services that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to deliver telecommunications over the Internet instead of traditional telephone lines. Specifically, Session Initiation Protocol is a set of rules that determines how a telephony connection between two endpoints is initiated, managed and terminated over an IP-based network.

By routing calls over a VOIP phone service instead of traditional phone lines, organizations can scale voice services more easily, minimize the time and cost of maintenance on analog infrastructure, improve reliability by providing greater redundancy, and take advantage of IP-based voice technology such as softphones, web conferencing, videoconferencing, presence and simultaneous ring.

When implementing Session Initiation Protocol trunking services, it’s important to choose a provider that can deliver secure connections and dedicated bandwidth over a privately-owned network. That’s where Spectrum Enterprise excels.

Session Initiation Protocol services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based technology that enables the nation’s largest enterprises to integrate fiber Internet, voice, video, cloud and managed network services for competitive gain.

Our Session Initiation Protocol voice trunk service is delivered over our own fiber IP network, ensuring a secure and reliable voice connection as well as dedicated voice bandwidth that prevents voice traffic from competing with data services for bandwidth. As a reliable and easy-to-manage solution, Spectrum Enterprise SIP VoIP trunking is scalable across multiple configurations and has been tested for compatibility with more than 60 IP PBX vendor makes and models.

What Spectrum Enterprise’s Session Initiation Protocol solution can do for your business.

With Session Initiation Protocol services from Spectrum Enterprise, you can:

  • Provide a secure connection for voice services, with reliability ensured through a redundant fiber network backed by highly competitive SLAs and 24x7 proactive monitoring.

  • Ensure business continuity with Alternate Routing services that enable calls to be answered even when a service disruption occurs or disaster strikes.

  • Increase productivity by rerouting overflow calls and providing users with a host of innovative Unified Communications solutions.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need install and maintain physical telephone lines.

Learn more about Session Initiation Protocol technology from Spectrum Enterprise and discover the benefits of SIP trunking vs PRI trunking.


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