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Delight customers with high definition video services.

High-definition (HD) enterprise video services are a powerful tool for reaching customers, informing employees and satisfying the needs of users. Video is everywhere today and users expect access to TV services wherever they turn. From restaurants and lobbies to guest rooms and hospital rooms, providing exceptional video services can help to enhance the customer experience and build greater loyalty.

Spectrum Enterprise offers video services that provide a superior HD viewing experience to meet business needs and exceed customer expectations. For enterprises looking to ride the video wave, Spectrum Enterprise video services can help to keep a wide variety of audiences informed, entertained and impressed.

Video services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber-based technology and enterprise services that help America’s largest businesses to overcome technological limitations, integrate business-critical solutions and drive innovation for greater success. In addition to enterprise video, our fiber enterprise solutions include high-speed Internet, enterprise voice technology, cloud solutions and network services delivered over our wholly-owned, national fiber network.

Our video services are delivered on two different platforms to meet business needs.

  • Distributed video services provide a home-like viewing experience via cable set-top or set-back boxes that sit atop or behind television set in a reduced form factor. Viewers can use an easy-to-navigate interactive program guide to search and find programs, fast-forwarding and rewinding through thousands of free on-demand programs or watching and pausing live TV.
  • Centralized video services are delivered to TVs via a direct connection to a cable wall outlet. This platform provides centralized management that eliminates the need for set-top and set-back boxes and supports legacy analog devices such as fitness room TVs. Centralized TV solutions also reduce the burden of managing and regularly upgrading set box equipment.

Video services for specific industries.

Our flexible video services can be tailored to meet the needs of key industries such as:

  • Education. Universities and K-12 institutions can deploy video services in classrooms, dorm rooms, libraries and common areas to increase student success and improve student satisfaction.
  • Government. Agencies can customize content to meet the needs of users and organizations, keeping visitors and employees informed and entertained with a rich viewing experience.
  • Healthcare. Robust programming packages and high-definition hospital TV viewing experiences help to improve overall patient satisfaction and increase margins for healthcare organizations.
  • Hospitality. Hotels can build guest loyalty and enhance the guest experience by providing video services that exceed expectations and keep guests connected, entertained and relaxed.

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