High-quality HDTV services for every industry that keep audiences engaged and coming back.

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Quality services to keep audiences engaged

Video is everywhere and a superior HD viewing experience is a critical element for success. Whether you’re looking for centralized or distributed video capabilities, our customizable solutions will meet your business needs and exceed client expectations.



Tailored and flexible Flexible HDTV solutions for key industries and tailored packages for specific locations such as lobbies, waiting rooms and restaurants

Legacy device support Cable service for analog devices such as fitness room screens and exercise equipment

Local expertise A local account team with extensive commercial HDTV expertise to help define and select the best video solution



Industry-tailored solutions

Government TV Improve manageability of distributed or centralized service through easily adjustable programming and flexible control options to multiple TV’s 

Healthcare TV Improve patient satisfaction and facility ratings by providing a rich, high-definition viewing experience 

Hospitality TV Provide guests a ‘at-home’ high-definition viewing experience with flexible programming options that meet their needs 

Education/University TV Provide a rich, high-definition viewing experience across classrooms, resource centers, student rooms and campus common areas 


The “just like home” connectivity advantage

Learn why providing high-quality connectivity has become a business necessity


Transform patient care with telemedicine Learn about the emerging promise of telemedicine, and how the right connection can make all the difference



Offer a home away from home Learn how guests at the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel enjoy HDTV and reliable connectivity from Spectrum Enterprise



Advance higher education through smarter networks Learn how technology benefits virtual learning and the digital classroom