Video solutions

Quality video solutions are driving enterprise competitiveness.

Video is everywhere today, and enterprises are increasingly choosing video solutions that enable them to provide audiences with superior HD viewing experiences in a wide variety of locations. From hotel suites to hospital rooms and government offices to educational settings, enterprise TV solutions are helping enterprises to connect with customers more effectively and to meet rising expectations for quality delivery of video services.

As a leading provider of fiber-based technology to many of the largest businesses in the nation, Spectrum Enterprise offers video solutions that serve the needs of enterprises in a wide range of industries. Spectrum Enterprise video solutions can help businesses achieve sharper competitive differentiation and an enhanced customer experience.

Video solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides flexible, scalable fiber enterprise business solutions and managed network services that enable organizations to integrate mission-critical technologies, solve technical challenges and drive innovation. In addition to video solutions, Spectrum Enterprise offerings include fiber Internet access, unified communications for voice, managed enterprise WiFi services, DWDM network services and more.

Our video solutions include both centralized and distributed video capabilities—and can be customized to meet business needs and exceed customer expectations. Video solutions from Spectrum Enterprise provide:

  • Flexible HDTV technology in packages that can be tailored for specific uses and locations such as restaurants, lobbies and waiting rooms.
  • Support for legacy devices, including cable service for analog devices such as fitness room screens and exercise equipment.
  • Local support from an account team with experience in commercial HDTV applications and with expertise in defining requirements and selecting the best video solutions.

Industry-tailored video solutions.

Spectrum Enterprise provides industry-specific video solutions for:

  • Healthcare TV. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can increase patient satisfaction by offering a home-like viewing experience for patients and visitors, with customized content to meet the brand needs and viewers’ expectations.
  • Government TV. Governments and businesses can enhance customer satisfaction by providing rich, high-definition viewing experiences with robust programming packages to keep visitors and employees informed and entertained throughout a facility.
  • Hospitality TV. Hotels can provide guests with video solutions that meet their high expectations for breadth and quality, enabling them to stay connected and productive anytime and anywhere across the property.
  • Education TV. Universities can increase student satisfaction by providing quality viewing experiences in student rooms and campus common areas. K–12 schools can enhance the student experience with educational video solutions in classrooms, libraries and resource centers. In both settings, programming can be tailored to the viewing needs of the educational audience.

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