Connectivity and Colocation Support Fast Growth—and Peace of Mind



“The main benefit of our experience with Spectrum Enterprise is peace of mind… plus scalability as the amount of data and our business continue to grow."

                                                                                     – David Wilner, COO, FRONTEO



FRONTEO USA, Inc., provides litigation consulting, e-discovery and project management for law firms and corporations worldwide. At the firm’s New York City offices, this contributes to a data volume of 50 to 100 terabytes a year. COO David Wilner valued the performance of maintaining data onsite. But after an explosion near his office, Wilner sought the security and peace of mind of an enterprise-class, off-premises data center solution. Spectrum Enterprise responded with Fiber Internet Access, Ethernet Private Line and Navisite Colocation.

Gaining physical security without losing speed

Spectrum Enterprise provides a fully on-Net, single-provider solution for connectivity and hosting. Processing times have remained the same using Navisite as they were in-house. Plus, Wilner can add bandwidth during bursts in volume, and then scale back to normal levels. Spectrum Enterprise’s fiber connectivity and Navisite’s data center solution give Wilner the resources and the room to grow.

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FRONTEO is a Spectrum Enterprise client since 2012.


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