Ethernet services

Extend your network across town, nationwide and to the cloud.
Learn how secure Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions can support and connect all your business locations



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Drive results with a secure and reliable network

Seamless collaboration across locations starts with a consistent and reliable Ethernet connection. Our high capacity Ethernet solutions deliver secure and predictable Wide Area Network connectivity to keep your business running at enterprise speed.



Fast & private Increase the speed, size and security of your LAN with a private, high-capacity WAN over our dedicated fiber network

Flexible solutions that scale Gain flexibility to quickly expand your network with new locations and scalable bandwidth from 10Mbps* up to 10Gbps

*Availability varies by product

Managed WAN solution Depend on true end-to-end management with real-time monitoring

Powerful SLAs Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-grade SLAs and MEF 2.0 certification standards supported by 650+ MEF certified professionals



Flexible solutions for businesses of any size and complexity

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) EPL provides point-to-point Ethernet connectivity for business with two locations. Ideally suited for data center connectivity, mission-critical connectivity, or anywhere high speed, low latency circuits are needed. 

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) EVPL provides a point-to-multipoint solution for companies with a central office and satellite locations. Ideally suited to support WAN connectivity based on hub and spoke design architectures. 

Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) EP-LAN provides true multipoint connectivity. Ideally suited for businesses desiring to create a transparent WAN extension of their LAN architecture. 


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