Managed Router Service for internet

Reduce costs and increase productivity with single provider management.

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Our experts keep you connected so you can focus on your business

Reduce costs and free your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives with a reliable, fully managed Internet and network security solution from Spectrum Enterprise



Improve productivity with a fully managed router service

Scale as needed Choose from Internet service options that are easily scalable from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, delivered over the Spectrum Enterprise fiber network

Connect securely Leverage a secure Internet connection backed by 24/7 monitoring and management to ensure your organization stays connected

Easy to manage Our online portal provides network status including devices, traffic analysis, security event monitoring and more  

Block threats Stopping threats before they reach your network with gateway unified threat management (UTM) and server-level firewall, antivirus/antispam tools and remote access

Reduce costs Save on capital expenditure and internal resources by employing remote-access router management solutions

Increase productivity Offload network-support requirements to our professionals and free your IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives  



Learn how Managed Router Services improves business productivity

Gain the benefits of advanced networking and minimize operating risks

Learn how a managed network solution allows you to remain securely connected and increase productivity


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