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The new government network, today

Advanced solutions and services for federal, state and local governments.

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Imagine the city of the future.

Learn about the smart city initiatives taking place today that benefit citizens and the infrastructure that supports them.


Government contracts

Across the country, Spectrum Enterprise appears on contract vehicles to ensure you have optimal choices, value, control and return on your digital investment.

All contract vehicles

In state and local government, you need a powerful digital foundation — one that can grow, expand and enable you to meet the demands of your citizens.


All New York City municipal government agencies and departments — including public hospitals, K-12 schools and higher education.

Reliably connecting staff, agencies, and people

Deliver the government solutions that equip staff, agencies, and citizens to reliably and securely connect and collaborate. A smart technology partner helps you accomplish your mission-critical objectives.

Minimizing federal government network vulnerability

Government agencies minimize vulnerability within and outside their organizations with fiber connectivity, Fiber Internet Access, Metro Ethernet, and Managed WiFi solutions.

State and local agencies improve service offerings

The city of Cayce, SC, implemented cost-effective solutions that give citizens and employees bandwidth, security, and flexibility.

Agencies succeed with reliable, secure managed WiFi

Government agencies turn to Managed WiFi to provide reliable, secure connectivity to staff and visitors—within budget.

Community progress leads to new roles for libraries

Public libraries are evolving in sync with technology trends, becoming data-centric community hubs with access to a range of digital content, computers and always-on Internet connectivity.

Helping our government partners thrive 



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Smart Network Infrastructure


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Preparing Government Networks for IoT


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How to build a smart network infrastructure that enables future tech


Case study

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The City of Cayce improves life for residents—using a smaller workforce than similar cities


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Network Needs in State and Local Government


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