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Reliably Connecting Staff, Agencies, and People

Deliver the Government solutions that equip staff, agencies, and citizens to reliably and securely connect and collaborate. A smart technology partner helps you accomplish your mission-critical objectives.

Minimizing Federal Government Network Vulnerability

Government agencies minimize vulnerability within and outside their organizations with fiber connectivity, Fiber Internet Access, Metro Ethernet, and Managed WiFi solutions.
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State and Local Agencies Improve Service Offerings

The city of Cayce, SC, implemented cost-effective solutions that give citizens and employees bandwidth, security, and flexibility. More >

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Agencies Succeed With Reliable, Secure Managed WiFi

Government agencies turn to Managed WiFi to provide reliable, secure connectivity to staff and visitors—within budget. More >


Community Progress Leads To New Roles For Libraries

Public libraries are evolving in sync with technology trends, becoming data-centric community hubs with access to a range of digital content, computers and always-on Internet connectivity. More >

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