How does EVPL work?


How does EVPL work?

  • An EVPL, or Ethernet virtual private line, provides a point-to-point Ethernet virtual connection (EVC) between two UNIs (User-Network Interfaces), with an emphasis on transparency.

  • An EVPL permits service multiplexing, allowing multiple EVCs to be supported at the UNI.

  • EVPL standards are defined by the Metro Ethernet Form (MEF).

More businesses today are turning to EVPL solutions to connect remote offices and locations. But how does EVPL work, and what benefits does it offer the enterprise? Here’s a short primer on “How does EVPL work?” that offers an overview of this network technology.

How does EVPL work?

EVPL is a data service that offers point-to-point and multiple EVCs between two UNIs. EVPL standards are defined by the MEF.

How does EVPL work to facilitate connectivity?

EVPL improves enterprise connectivity by providing fast, secure and reliable communication on a hub-and-spoke model between multiple locations and a central office. All data travels within the secure domain of a Layer 2 connection at native Ethernet speeds.

How does EVPL work to simplify network management?

EVPL streamlines network management by providing options that can be configured using any VLAN Ethernet control protocol, enabling administrators to support branch offices more easily.

How does EVPL work to reduce costs?

An EVPL through an Ethernet service provider helps to reduce expenses by enabling a single handoff to reduce network equipment and management costs.

How does EVPL work to improve quality of service?

EVPL enables superior quality of service by prioritizing packets and enabling faster, guaranteed delivery. Traffic from mission-critical applications can be separated into different cues and given a higher priority.

How does EVPL work with fiber connectivity?

EVPL with fiber connections provides faster speeds, greater bandwidth, higher security and a more durable network. EVPL can support speeds up to 10 Gbps.

How does EVPL work with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise is a leading provider of fiber solutions for America’s largest businesses. Spectrum Enterprise Ethernet Services include an EVPL solution, delivering an EVC among three or more locations while permitting multiplexing multiple services on a single UNI at the hub or aggregation site.