What is ELAN service?


What is ELAN service?

  • ELAN, or Ethernet local-area network, is a technology that uses Ethernet cable to provide connectivity and data communication among computers, servers, printers and other devices within a building or a limited geographical area.

Despite the rise of wireless networking in business settings, the Ethernet local-area network (ELAN) continues to be a mainstay of business connectivity, providing significant advantages over wireless networks. But what is ELAN service exactly, and what benefits does it offer the enterprise?

Here’s a short primer on “What is ELAN service?” that provides details.

What is ELAN service?

ELAN is short for Ethernet local-area network, a piece of IT infrastructure that uses Ethernet cable to connect computers, servers, printers and other devices that reside within a close geographical area, typically within a single office or building.

What is ELAN service designed to do?

An ELAN is designed to enable fast data transmissions among devices on the local-area network and to the Internet.

What is ELAN service vs. wireless networking?

Wireless networking can provide the same functions, connecting devices to each other and the Internet via wireless signals. It’s often easier and less costly to set up a WiFi network than an ELAN, and WiFi has the added benefit of enabling workers to move freely throughout an office rather than being tied to a desk.

What is ELAN service’s biggest benefits?

ELANs offer a number of significant benefits over wireless networking. ELAN technology is far faster, more reliable and more secure then WiFi networks.

What is ELAN service’s fastest speeds?

ELAN connections can reach speeds of 10 Gbps and greater, while the fastest wireless networking connections run much more slowly and bandwidth may be compromised when multiple users are using the same network.

What is ELAN service with fiber-optic cable?

An ELAN may be built with copper cable, twisted pairs or fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic cable provides even faster speeds and greater reliability, as fiber cable is more impervious to fire, environment hazards and electromagnetic interference. Fiber cable also provides greater security, as intercepting light signals is far more difficult than intercepting electrical signals on copper cable.

What is ELAN service from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber ELAN services that can connect users and devices across town, across the country and to the cloud. With ELAN service from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can increase the speed, size and security of their LANs with private, high-capacity WANs over our dedicated fiber network that delivers speeds up to 10 Gbps.