Will Online Backup back up my entire disk drive? What about my applications and system files?

Online Backup was designed to back up your most important data files, such as your e-mail, contact lists, photos, and financials. It was not designed to back up your system and application files. If you need to restore these types of files, it is much easier and more reliable to restore them using your original CDs. Restoring your system and application files from backups or any type of “disk image” is risky and difficult to do properly, and we don’t recommend or support it.

Instead, keep your original system and application CDs in a secure location. Then make sure to back up your data files regularly with Online Backup. If your computer fails, use the CDs to restore your system and application files to your new hardware, and then use Online Backup's Web Restore to restore your data files. With a combination of original CDs and Online Backup data backups, you can feel confident that you can restore your system even after a serious hardware failure.

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