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Why does the first backup take so long?

Two things affect your initial back up time:

  • Amount of data to back up: Your first backup has to copy all of the selected files in your Backup Set to our servers. One way to shorten the first backup is to deselect some non-critical files for the initial backup. You can then add them to your backup later on.

  • Upload speed: The amount of bandwidth that Online Backup uses is limited since other applications on your computer that uses the Internet, such as e-mail and web browser, gets priority.

If you want to maximize the bandwidth used for Online Backup:

  1. Access the Online Backup Settings window

  2. Click on the Online Backup icon

  3. Select Options and then the Performance tab.

  4. In Throttling Parameters, either uncheck “Enable Bandwidth Throttle” or else shorten the time frame during which throttling should occur.

  5. Click Save. It may take it a minute to take effect.

Another way to reduce the initial backup time is to keep your computer on overnight.

Note: After your initial backup, subsequent backups are relatively quick. Online Backup performs differential backups so that it only backs up the portions of your files that have changed since the last timethey were backed up. This saves time, bandwidth and storage space.

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback