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What information do I need to connect to my website via FTP?

In order to connect to your website and transfer files via FTP, you will need the following information:

  • Host Name -- this is the location to which you will publish your files. The host name is your domain name, including your domain extension. For example, or

  • Host Directory or Directory Path -- This is the directory that will hold all of the files for your website. This is also known as your "root" directory. Your Host Directory will always be www.
        For Linux plans, the directory path for the www folder is /home/domain/www.
        For Windows plans, the directory path for the www folder is /domain/www.

  • Username -- This is the user name for the account you will be using to FTP files. You will FTP files using your Master User account. If you have set up an additional user account with FTP rights in SiteControl, you can use that user name as well. If you have a Linux plan, you will need to modify permissions before users can use the FTP account to upload files. Remember that your Master User name is not the same as your SiteControl login name (Customer ID). You cannot FTP files using your SiteControl login name.

  • Password -- this is the password associated with the username you are using. You can reset and change passwords for all your accounts on SiteControl's Users/Passwords page.
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback