Hotel Phone System

Improve hospitality with a better hotel phone system

Keeping guests connected is key to providing an exceptional hospitality experience, and a hotel phone system is an important part of this mix. Complementing other hospitality solutions like Internet, WiFi and HDTV, the hotel phone system can help to connect customers to other guests, business contacts and hotel staff.

A superior hotel phone system will often offer additional features such as:

  • Reminders and alarms, including wake up options like snooze, weather forecasts and room service
  • A single interface for retrieving email, fax, texts and voice messages
  • Voicemail prompts in a preferred language
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Auto attendant for answering guest inquiries
  • Call accounting that can charge guests for calls made
  • Pushbutton access to hotel departments
  • Instant text messaging with mobile phones and IP telephone devices
  • Display menus that enable guests to order services, make reservations or interact with hotel staff


When choosing a hotel phone system, functionality, call quality and cost are all important criteria. That’s why so many managers of technology in hospitality industry companies turn to hospitality phone systems from Spectrum Enterprise.

A hotel phone system from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise is a national leader in fiber technology, providing solutions for voice, TV and Internet for America’s largest businesses – including many in the hospitality industry.

Our communications solutions deliver hotel room phone options that offer superior call quality along with cost advantages and all the collaboration features needed to keep guests connected and employees productive.

Our solutions for the hotel phone system include:

  • Hosted Voice, a fully managed, cloud-based solution customized to fit the hotel’s needs. In addition to a wide range of features, this hotel phone system provides a turnkey solution that relieves hotel IT staff of the burden of managing hotel phone technology.
  • Unified Communications, an enhancement to our Hosted Voice solution, that provides additional collaboration features across fixed and mobile platforms.
  • Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based call center solution that can meet the needs of everything from informal to highly complex call center environments.
  • Support for connecting a hotel PBX through both PRI and SIP interfaces.


Benefits of a Spectrum Enterprise hotel phone system

With a hotel phone system from Spectrum Enterprise, hotels can:

  • Delight guests with more options for collaboration and telephone communication
  • Reduce costs with an affordable solution that provides separate pricing without hidden costs
  • Scale easily to accommodate business growth
  • Minimize the burden on IT staff with hands-on support, including 24/7 monitoring backed by industry-leading SLAs


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