The benefits of SIP VoIP telephone services.

SIP VoIP technology is fast becoming the industry standard for business voice services. By reducing the cost of providing telecommunications and giving workers more productive ways to collaborate, SIP trunking using VoIP services is transforming business communications everywhere.

What is SIP trunking? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a set of rules that manage how connections between two endpoints are started, managed and ended over an IP-based network. An SIP service uses Voiceover Internet Protocol to provide connections to the company LAN via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, turning office telephone extensions into virtual rather than physical telephone connections. SIP VoIP technology enables workers to receive calls and messages anytime and anywhere across wired and wireless devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Because SIP VoIP services connect users over Internet-based SIP lines rather than traditional telephone lines, organizations can avoid the expense of installing and maintaining physical telephone lines. Additionally, SIP VoIP technology enables users to take advantage of Unified Communications solutions such as web/audio/video conferencing, simultaneous ring, unified messaging, softphones and presence.

One of the most important criteria when considering SIP trunking and VoIP phone service solutions is to find a provider that offers dedicated voice bandwidth and a privately owned network. That’s why so many leading organizations deploying SIP VoIP technology turn to Spectrum Enterprise.

SIP VoIP solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise delivers industry-leading, fiber-based technology that provides scalable and flexible solutions for fiber Internet, voice, video, cloud and managed network services.

Our SIP VoIP services provide a fiber connection between an IP PBX and the Public Switched Telephone Network. By delivering telecommunications across our privately-owned fiber network, we provide a reliable and secure voice solution where voice traffic is not routed over the public Internet.

How SIP VoIP can transform business communication.

With SIP VoIP solutions from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can:

  • Maximize productivity with Unified Communications solutions as well as valuable features like Alternate Routing, Call Blocking and Caller ID.

  • Increase reliability by routing calls over a fiber network backed by 24x7 proactive monitoring and highly competitive SLAs.

  • Improve business continuity by automatically routing calls to other locations in the event of a service disruption.

Learn more about Spectrum Enterprise SIP VoIP technology, discover the benefits of SIP trunking vs PRI trunking, or find Spectrum Enterprise VoIP in Dallas, or other U.S. cities.


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