Patient Experience Study, conducted by HIMSS Analytics

The healthcare industry has experienced an incredible transformation over the last 10 years as organizations have moved to adopt IT solutions with the goal of improving the quality of care while lowering costs. As hospitals and health systems become more sophisticated in their use of technology, they are offering more services that allow the patient population to become more actively involved in the management of their own health. By giving patients more access, insight and choice around their healthcare needs, the patient is empowered and their role has been transformed into that of a more traditional consumer and not just a patient in need of care from whomever is available. This paradigm shift of patients into discerning consumers has health systems contending with new demands beyond the care they provide. To remain competitive in an industry rampant with consolidation and in an effort to tackle new payment models, many organizations have begun to focus on the complete patient experience, providing essential tools to their consumers across the entire patient journey well before and long after they receive care.


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