Why a better network transforms the patient experience


Healthcare organizations need a digital infrastructure that allows for the best possible care and patient experience. Learn how a digital infrastructure helps connect providers with patients.


Patients expect a lot from technology and patients expect their data to move at the speed of the internet. Everything from improper or spotty coverage in wifi, no access to content in the patient's room, not having access to EMR because you cannot pull them down from another location because you don't have enough bandwidth. I think the challenge is with a lot of healthcare providers is they may have the bandwidth they require today, but these applications that are coming out being able to try to facilitate video, be able to transmit large patient files, high-definition files, the bandwidth requirements are increasing at an incredible rate, and the need for scalable bandwidth. By the way, bandwidth that has really high service level agreements. It's really important to have that infrastructure in place and then allow it to scale as your bandwidth needs increase. Payers are increasingly focused on the patient experience with regards to how they're reimbursed of various healthcare providers for the services. Patients do expect data to transfer at the speed of a text message. They expect convenience and providers expect accuracy and precision and the correct data at the correct place allows that to happen.



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