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Primary Rate Interface | PRI Phone

Primary Rate Interface | PRI Phone

Features and benefits of PRI

  • Enable Multiple Configurations: Match trunk capacity to business requirements with 12 or 23B+D channels.

  • Leverage Dedicated Voice Bandwidth: PRI includes dedicated bandwidth for voice calls, so voice traffic no longer competes for bandwidth with data service.

  • Manage Voice Services in Real Time*: Our portal enables secure access to usage details and reporting capabilities and configure features where available. 

  • Control Nationwide Long-Distance and International Call Charges: Optional Minutes of Use packages are scalable and includes nationwide long-distance, toll-free* and international calling to over 50 of the most popular worldwide calling destinations. (Complete list of countries)

  • Get more value: Enterprise Trunking delivers superior value, with unlimited local calling and a bundle of long distance and inbound toll free calling included with every trunk. We provide and manage all equipment needed to connect to the PBX as part of your monthly charge and give you freedom from other unnecessary charges too - such as the Federal Subscriber Line Charge (FSLC), delivering substantial monthly savings versus our competitors.

  • Reduce Capital Expenses: PRI integrates with your current PRI-compatible phone system so no new equipment is needed, which helps reduce up-front costs and training requirements.

  • Experience Reliability: Spectrum Enterprise uses our fiber network for all Primary Rate Interface traffic and includes a competitive service-level agreement (SLA) to help ensure reliability with 24x7 proactive monitoring.

  • Utilize Optional Toll-Free Service: Make it easy for your business contacts and customers to reach you – at no charge to them – with Toll-Free Service.

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Primary Rate Interface overview

PRI delivers a highly-reliable voice trunk solution using our extensive, fiber network. The service is backed by 24x7 proactive monitoring, technical support and a competitive service level agreement. PRI offers unlimited local calling and Minutes of Use packages are scalable and include nationwide long-distance, toll-free and international calling to over 50 of the most popular worldwide calling destinations. (Complete list of countries)

Spectrum Enterprise's primary rate interface service connects your private branch exchange (PBX) or key system to the Public Switched Telephone Network and integrates a suite of management, reporting and business-continuity features to help maximize efficiency and keep you connected.



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