Enterprise Trunking - PRI

Access a highly-reliable voice trunk solution using our extensive, fiber network

Spectrum Enterprise Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service is backed by 24/7/365 support with locally dedicated teams and a competitive Service Level Agreement. PRI offers unlimited local calling and Minutes of Use packages that are scalable and include nationwide long-distance, toll-free and international calling to over 50 of the most popular worldwide calling destinations. (Complete list of countries)


Maximize the value of your legacy PBX

Connect your existing private branch exchange (PBX) or key system to the Public Switched Telephone Network and integrate a suite of management, reporting and business-continuity features to help maximize efficiency and keep you connected.

White paper

Gain insights into how a community bank's partnership with Spectrum Enterprise contributed to high levels of network quality and reliability to achieve new levels of efficiency

Product brief

Learn how trunking provides reliable, secure and affordable voice solutions

PRI tech specs

Key considerations and interface requirements for PBX administrators and lT/network teams


Get started with PRI Trunking


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