Enterprise Trunking - SIP

Connect your voice services reliably and confidently

Spectrum Enterprise SIP Trunking offers an IP-based, voice trunk service that uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect an IP PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network. Delivered over our own fiber IP network, our SIP Trunking service provide a reliable and secure voice solution in which voice traffic is not routed over the public Internet.

Leverage scalable solutions to stay competitive

SIP Trunking is sold in small increments of call paths, delivering a highly scalable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional voice services. Empower your business to stay ahead of your competition by enabling unified communications services and future-proofing your technology.

Calling Rates

Enterprise Trunking from Spectrum Enterprise delivers superior value with unlimited local calling and a rich bundle of long distance and inbound toll-free calling included with every trunk. In addition, we provide and manage all equipment needed to connect to the PBX as part of your monthly charge. View calling rates.

Enhance your solution

Whether you need easy management through our web portal, automatic routing to any trunk, phone line or toll-free number you choose, as a feature of our Business Continuity solutions from Spectrum Enterprise, we empower you with a full hosted voice solution for all types and sizes of business.

Whether you need to keep your existing toll-free number or select a new one, adding Toll-Free service from Spectrum Enterprise allows you to do this at no extra charge. With Toll-Free service, users are also able to customize their routing options based on call origination and termination.


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