Enterprise / Government TV 

Businesses or Government entities with multiple televisions can enhance client satisfaction by providing a rich, high-definition viewing experience. With robust programming packages, plus available premium and international channels, Enterprise TV keeps your visitors and employees informed and entertained across your facility. Plus, we make it easy for you to customize content to match the needs of your business, your brand and your clients. This reliable and scalable HDTV service is designed to enrich your visitors’ experiences while improving client loyalty. With easily adjustable programming and flexible control options, Enterprise TV lets you choose how you want to manage viewing in your business. 

Enterprise TV


Service Delivery

Enterprise/Government TV can be provided on a platform that meets your needs:

Distributed Boxes:
A Familiar Setup

Provide a Home-like Viewing Experience – with Fast-forward and rewind of thousands of free on-demand programs and pause live TV. Includes an easy-to-navigate interactive program guide and an anti-microbial simplified remote. 

Use a compact Set-Top Box or unobtrusive Set Back Box, hidden on the back of each TV, managed from an on-line portal.


Centralized TV:
The Fiber Connect Solution

Reduce Administration and Equipment Management Burdens – Delivered on fiber and distributed to TVs that connect directly to the cable wall outlet, centralized management eliminates the need for set boxes.

Avoid Unnecessary Equipment Upgrade Expenses – Support legacy analog devices, such as fitness room TVs and exercise equipment, with included analog channels (where available) for popular news, sports and information content.

Features Comparison




Box hidden behind TVTV CONNECTION TYPECable outlet in wall
100+ HD ChannelsCHANNELS60+ HD & SD
Coax-basedCONNECTION DETAILSFiber to Facility; Coax distribution
Yes, InteractiveCUSTOMIZABLE PROGRAM GUIDE?Yes, Scrolling
Yes24/7/365 Support?Yes