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TV for government

Ready to offer reliable HDTV services across your facilities?

Provide an informative and engaging experience for your viewers

Offer reliable HDTV services to employees and visitors in police stations, fire departments and government offices. Choose from a variety of robust channel packages to meet any need.


Solutions to meet every need

Choose a cost-effective HDTV platform that offers access to over 200 channels.

Set Top Box TV

Provide a homelike viewing experience

  • Offer on-demand content and DVR functionality with over 7,000 hours of preferred shows and movies in private viewing areas

  • Provide an easy-to-navigate, interactive program guide

Fiber Connect Plus TV

Simplify TV delivery and reduce costs

  • Streamline TV delivery with no in-room devices

  • Lower costs with no head-end equipment

  • Increase satisfaction and avoid frequent disruptions and outages with a reliable, dedicated fiber connection directly to your premises

  • Share site-specific content with optional channel insertion capabilities



Explore how government TV service can work for your organization

Product brief

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Explore how Fiber Connect Plus TV simplifies TV delivery and increases satisfaction


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Understand the new government standard for a smart network


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Learn how government networks prepare for IoT




Get started with TV for government