Advanced network solutions that prepare healthcare for Big Data

As healthcare organizations move toward electronic medical records (EMRs), many are looking to mine the massive amounts of health data, or “big data,” these records store. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are using big data analytics to gain big insights—into how to reduce costs, create organizational efficiencies, and deliver optimized care. For those wanting to become accountable care organizations (ACOs)—or simply refine patient care—big data can play a big role.

The need for a high-performing network infrastructure quickly becomes clear as healthcare organizations increasingly store and analyze big data. Networks must be ready to handle the surge in traffic that an influx of data brings. The wide area network (WAN) must be ready to collect, transport, store, analyze, and retrieve this data. And healthcare providers must be able to access that health data instantly, to effectively gain medical and operational insights, and improve quality of care. So scalability, speed, and reliability are crucial.

Partnering with a service provider that can deliver cost-effective and high-performing connectivity is essential to any EMR and big data initiative. Spectrum Enterprise offers a fiber network that delivers the outstanding reliability, scale, and performance that healthcare organizations require to turn big data into big results.


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Advanced solutions for your data revolution

Reliable, responsive, and resilient fiber power

Give your healthcare organization a reliable, fiber, high-performing wide area network (WAN)—one that ensures fast access to EMRs and readies you for big data.

On-Demand bandwidth scalability

Easily scale bandwidth to meet growing EMR and data demands, today and tomorrow. Our Dedicated Internet Access can seamlessly scale from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Superior service level agreements

Ensure your data is protected by service level agreements (SLAs). Our SLAs set performance benchmarks for reliability and responsiveness for repair and restoration.

Exceptional account service and support

Fortify your customized healthcare solutions with 24/7 technical support, proactive monitoring and local, dedicated Healthcare account teams.

Cloud, network, and internet service bundles

Discover where you can bundle and save. Purchasing services together saves money and simplifies management.