Technology that stays strong for patients and families 24/7

Creating a supportive, homelike environment in a hospice setting requires an agile, surefire technology network. With many patients confined to their rooms or common areas, convenient access to 24/7 Internet and entertainment is essential. Hospice care staff needs to provide patients and families with crystal clear phone, television, and Internet—all day, every day.

As part of a major 2014 renovation, the Center for Hospice & Palliative Care (Hospice Buffalo) in Buffalo, N.Y., completely refreshed its technology systems. The healthcare provider is committed to creating outstanding, hospice home care-like experiences for patients and families.

I’ve been using Time Warner [Cable] (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) for years … their uptime has been amazing. I don’t think we’ve ever encountered any downtime.

Because residents and family need constant, dependable TV and Internet services, Hospice Buffalo’s primary concern was superb reliability. Any solution would need to provide high availability and proven resiliency. Also high on the list was a robust HDTV Video Solution. The hospice care center wanted its entertainment offering to be powerful and flexible, yet simple for patients and staff to use.

The solution? Smart, scalable connectivity from Spectrum Enterprise that faithfully keeps families connected—to work, the world, and one another. Hospice Buffalo credits the trustworthy solution—which includes HDTV, Dedicated Internet Access, and Ethernet—with providing reliable fiber connectivity and 24/7 proactive monitoring, even through stormy weather.


Full Case Study: HDTV and Fiber Network Services Help Hospice Buffalo Make Patients and Families Feel More at Home

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Scalable connectivity to meet your growing requirements

Customize solutions that adapt and expand to meet your unique network and business needs—today, and tomorrow. Our local, dedicated Healthcare account teams are here to tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Ultra-Reliable fiber connectivity

Ensure fast, consistent, reliable connectivity, regardless of location. Secure Ethernet Services provide staff lightning-fast access to patient data—so they can deliver a premium patient experience.

HDTV service that complements patient therapies

Support resident and guest comfort and well being with powerful programming options. Flexible, robust HDTV Service gives you entertainment, news, sports, and channels that complement music, relaxation, and expressive therapies.

Ambient video streaming directly to patient rooms

Stream your facility’s beautiful, comforting, relaxing features—such as aquariums, gardens, or courtyards—directly to HDTV in patient rooms. Our solutions let your guests enjoy your outdoor amenities, from the comforts of bed.