Reliable solutions for a healthy, connected telehealth practice

OhioHealth is passionate about finding innovative ways to use technology to improve the health of those it serves. One of the top five largest health systems in America, it’s made of 12 member hospitals, more than 50 ambulatory and surgery centers, plus primary care and specialty practices.

Rapid, continuous growth at OhioHealth keeps physicians and staff in high demand. To meet this need, telehealth technologies like remote patient monitoring and evaluation—complete with two-way audio and video—play a pivotal role. Telediagnosis and telecollaboration help staff to provide a cohesive continuum of care among disparate facilities, departments, and providers. These capabilities are critical to preventing medical errors as patients transition among care providers—the time when 80 percent of mistakes occur.

Connectivity is engineered not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to meet our own OhioHealth requirements as well.

To provide outstanding patient care that connects the continuum and integrates emerging technologies, OhioHealth chose Spectrum Enterprise. OhioHealth’s advanced Stroke Network and electronic ICU run over Spectrum Enterprise fiber Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Fiber Internet Access. These fiber circuits power remote 24/7 ICU monitoring, and empower OhioHealth specialists to deliver advanced, collaborative medical care.


Full Case Study: OhioHealth Links Diverse Facilities to World-Class Services

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Benefit the continuum of care with fiber telemedicine

Transformative telemedicine capabilities

Deliver transformative telemedicine services over a fiber network that seamlessly connects healthcare providers, partners, and patients—wherever they may be.

Rapid access to large EMRs and image files

Quickly access large electronic medical records (EMRs) and image files with capacity that scales easily, on demand.

Speedy, responsive support and implementation

Add, remove, and scale technologies quickly with the help of our local, dedicated healthcare support team. We work with your needs to tailor a solution that’s just right for your facilities.

A connected continuum of care

Foster superior communication and collaboration across the continuum of care—ensuring access to vital patient data at the most essential moments.

Cloud-Ready HIPAA and HITECH compliance

Make certain you meet HIPAA and HITECH demands for data backup, disaster recovery, and restoration—even when working in the bandwidth-intensive cloud.