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Technology that measures up when your care facilities can’t go down

A smart and scalable approach to technology is critical when lives are on the line. For the 48,000 nursing homes, adult day care centers, skilled care facilities, and hospices in the U.S., quality care requires a rock-solid yet flexible digital infrastructure.

Access: Supports for Living (Access) is a community-based rehabilitation agency in New York’s Hudson Valley that’s seen phenomenal growth and faced significant expansion challenges in recent years. The agency provides care, treatment, housing, and vocational opportunities to more than 10,000 children and adults with mental health issues or a physical disability.

With business booming, Access needed to open new rehabilitation sites quickly while ensuring superior care. Each location requires different systems for communications, distance learning, medical records, and fire safety. Many mental health treatment and disability sites are rural and mandate 24/7 monitoring, so a robust, dependable digital infrastructure is imperative.

Technology [from Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise)] is critical in supporting individuals who need 24/7 monitoring.
—Jim DeStefano, President, Access: Supports for Living

The solution? Smart, scalable technology from Spectrum Enterprise seamlessly meets security demands while ensuring superb performance of new and existing facilities. The ultra-flexible fiber network gives the agency an ideal springboard for growth, and a dedicated technology partner. Access cites the commitment and service of its local account management team for helping it to grow from a $25 million system of rehabilitation care to one worth $80 million.

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Full Case Study:
 Right-Sizing Internet, Voice and TV Solutions Helps Access: Supports for Living Turn Old Homes Into New Hope


Patients benefit from smart business solutions

Flexible tools and solutions

Deliver the right mix of technologies and tools to satisfy the unique demands of each facility—rural, urban, or a mix. Our flexible solutions adapt to meet your business goals today, and tomorrow.

Connectivity and support

Exceed performance expectations with our lightning-fast, reliable fiber network. We provide the support and connectivity to help your medical clinic meet regulatory obligations, such as HIPAA and HITECH.

Increased patient satisfaction

Boost patient experience and facility scores by delivering valuable connectivity and entertainment amenities. Our integrated technology solutions ensure residents have the options they want and need—delivered your way.

Exceptional account service and support 24/7

Ensure your critical healthcare solutions are backed by local, dedicated 24/7 support. Our award-winning, ultra-responsive, healthcare account support team is always standing by, so you can care for, monitor, and support your patients 24/7.


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